We realise contested claims and turn disputes into immediate value

Purchase of Claims and
Assignment of Litigation

what it is

We realise disputed claims and release outstanding litigations, converting potential value into immediate cash flow

We buy Claims and Litigations from Companies, turning problems and encumbrances on the balance sheet into liquidity for development and growth. We purchase Claims and Litigations from Private Individuals, helping people realise their rights immediately.

Libra operates as an intermediary for hedge funds and litigation funds, acting in document bookbuilding and case assessment.

how it works

Purchase of Claims
Assignment of Outstanding Litigation

Both outstanding litigations and litigations yet to be settled may be the object of assignment.
Claims asserted (or being asserted) between private or corporate counterparties, whether Italian or foreign, or against Public Authority and Sovereign States, are assignable.
Claims arising from bankruptcy proceedings against both private and public entities are also assignable.
Assignable claims are assessed in any matter, on the condition that the litigation claim may be quantified or quantifiable in money terms.
Libra always undertakes a preliminary evaluation of the case, without costs, issuing an assessment of the assignability of the claim and the assignment fee.
In the event of an agreement on the terms of assignment, Libra takes care of every aspect of the transaction, from the finalisation of the contract to the handover of the claim documentation.
Payment of the consideration for the purchase of the claim is always complete and immediate.


Some Explanations

Anyone who has a money claim, even if it is the subject of a dispute or litigation already in progress, at any stage or level of judgement.
Companies, Private Parties, Bankruptcy Proceedings may assign their claims towards Companies, Private Parties, Bankruptcy Proceedings, Public Administrations, Sovereign Bodies.

Non ci sono preclusioni di materia.
Sono tuttavia particolarmente attenzionati i seguenti àmbiti:

Business areas, patent, commercial, corporate, tributary, banking, compensation and insurance matters.
Individuals, in cases of damages from medical liability, serious injury and infringement of patents and industrial property.
Between Companies and Private Parties towards Public Administrations and Sovereign States.
Between Insolvency Proceedings and Public Administrations (both in commercial and tributary matters) respectively counterparties Companies.

Claims / Litigations with a minimum value of €50,000.00 are assessed.
There is no maximum Claim / Litigation value.

The conditions of purchase of the claim depend on the subject matter, the legal nature and financial capacity of the counterparty, the status of the process, the merits of the assigned claim, and the available proofs.
Each claim is subject to assessment, separately evaluated and handled.
In the event of an agreement on the terms of assignment, payment of the amount due is immediate and without recourse.

Libra acts as an independent bookbuilder and claims assessment consultant on behalf of European and US hedge funds and litigation funds, duly authorised for the professional assignment of claims.

Claims are assessed directly by Libra and through its network of qualified referrers.
The opportunity to transform a problem for companies and private individuals into an immediately available financial resource is a great opportunity for a large number of interested prospects.
Libra selects high-level referrers who can present this extraordinary service to its customers and prospects, developing valuable relationships and sharing significant referral fees.
Particularly favoured are professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, labour consultants and business consultants, as well as business service Companies, Credit Institutions, Insurance Companies and Brokers.
The selection of new referrers is open and in order to access it, simply send a request via the company contact form.

Step by step

The Claims Purchase Procedure
Assignment of Claims

Request to Purchase the Claim or Assignment of the Claim - Preliminary Assessment

Libra collects the request to purchase the claim. A confidentiality agreement is signed.
 Libra undertakes a preliminary assessment of the case. Libra formulates a pre-proposal for assignment, quantifying the amount and requirements for finalisation, within 10 days of the request. The customer evaluates the proposal and, within 15 days of receiving the pre-proposal for assignment, communicates its potential acceptance. Consequently, the customer instructs Libra to structure the assignment.

Due Diligence - Final Proposal - Purchase of the Claim or Assignment of the Litigation

Libra's experts carry out due diligence on the documentation proving the right asserted, aimed, among other things, at verifying the validity of the right asserted and the counterparty's solvency. 
In the event of a positive outcome and compliance with the preliminary analysis, Libra formulates, within 15 days of acceptance of the pre-proposal for assignment, the proposal for final assignment, preparing the necessary documentation, inviting the Client to sign the agreements, providing the disclosures and acquiring the complete claim file.

Payment of remuneration

Once the signing and delivery of the documents has been completed, Libra will make payment of the agreed fee within 3 working days.
Libra will then coordinate the commencement of the procedure, the takeover of the outstanding litigation, in favour of the assignee of the claim.

We handle all major cases of breach of competition law, representing individual entrepreneurs and trade associations.


Our most valuable asset is knowledge

Libra constantly monitors  the latest provisions and the ongoing investigations of the Antitrust Authorities, seeking for new cases that could affect the Italian market.
Thanks to our international network of partners and affiliated offices, we provide access to justice to Italian companies damaged by foreign suppliers, which can claim compensation in all European and US jurisdictions.
We favor high-profile confidential negotiations, representing groups of buyers with the aim of obtaining fair compensation, without compromising the supply relationship, restoring, thus,  trust in the supply chain.
Only in case of need, we proceed to court, hence hiring the best specialists in the sector, with no costs and risks for the damaged party.

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