The Italian Cardbox Cartel

On 17 July 2019, the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM – Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato) concluded a complex investigation, resulting in the ascertainment of two cartel agreements, set up to distort normal competition in the markets for corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard packaging.

The cartels involve the most important manufacturers of corrugated cardboard sheets and packaging, as well as the Italian group of corrugated cardboard manufacturers (GIFCO). In consideration of the seriousness and duration of the conduct, the Authority imposed fines of over € 287 million, paving the way for actions claiming compensation for damage suffered by direct and indirect purchasers of the cartelists.

Companies that purchased corrugated cardboard sheets and/or corrugated cardboard packaging from members of the cartel in the years from 2004 to 2017 may be entitled to claim compensation for the damage suffered.

Libra offers the companies concerned a free assessment of the possible damage. Should such damage be confirmed, Libra provides its clients with a shared strategy for claiming compensation, with a view to maintaining the relationship with the supplier, if this is of interest.

In any case, the damages company will bear no costs or risks associated with the claim for compensation.

Furthermore, Libra may also take into consideration the assignment of credit, in which case the damaged company may directly and immediately receive a certain amount as compensation for the damages caused by the cartel, while Libra bears all the remaining risks and costs for the recovery procedure.

Case sheet

  • corrugated cardboard sheets
  • corrugated cardboard packaging

Damaging parties for the corrugated cardboard sheets:

Pro-Gest S.p.A., Cartonstrong Italia S.r.l., Ondulato Trevigiano S.r.l., Ondulati Maranello S.p.A.,
Plurionda S.p.A., Laveggia S.r.l., Scatolificio Laveggia S.p.A., Ondulati Santerno S.p.A., DS Smith Packaging Italia S.p.A., Smurfit Kappa Italia S.p.A., Innova Group Stabilimento di Caino S.r.l., Adda Ondulati Società per Azioni, Imballaggi Piemontesi S.r.l., Ondulati Nordest S.p.A., Ondulati ed Imballaggi del Friuli S.p.A., Ondulato Piceno S.r.l., ICOM S.p.A.

Damaging parties for corrugated cardboard packaging:

Smurfit Kappa Italia S.p.A., DS Smith Packaging Italia S.p.A., Toscana Ondulati S.p.A., International

Paper Italia S.r.l., Saica Pack Italia S.p.A., Mauro Benedetti S.p.A., Ondulati ed Imballaggi del Friuli S.p.A., Scatolificio Idealkart S.r.l., Laveggia S.r.l., Scatolificio Laveggia S.p.A., Innova Group –Stabilimento di Caino S.r.l., Antonio Sada & Figli S.p.A., ICO Industria Cartone Ondulato S.r.l., ICOM S.p.A., Grimaldi S.p.A., Ondulato Piceno S.r.l., MS Packaging S.r.l., Trevikart S.r.l., Ondulati Maranello S.p.A.